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5 creative ways to make a new music release stand out

Angela Tyler of Bandzoogle published an interesting article about ways to make sure your new music gets the attention it deserves and helps to get your fans all excited for the release date. She shares a number of marketing strategies. (The full article: ake-a-new-music-release-stand-out.html) Here is a summary... Perhaps you've been there, excited to release something that the rest of the world wasn't. That isn't a measure of your talent, and it says nothing about you as a person. It almost always means, however, that you lacked a strategy and thus a way to get your music out there. Hiring a publicist can help you build a fan base, but doing it yourself can be enjoyable and rewarding. First and Foremost: Create A Strategy Create a simple press plan in Google Docs, complete with outlets, angles, and a timeline. Begin with a timeline to create deadlines and plan accordingly, then consider the themes surrounding the

The Shocking Truth Behind Why 90% of Christian Musicians Are Limiting Their Own Growth

Christian musicians have a unique opportunity to connect with their fans in a deeper way than other music genres. Christian music has the ability to uplift and encourage, to bring peace and healing to listeners. However, the majority of Christian music artists are limiting their own growth, as well as the listening experience of their existing fans, by not sharing the story behind their songs and the lyrics to their music. Over 90% of Christian music artists do not share the story behind their songs or the lyrics on their websites or social media. This is a missed opportunity for both the artist and their fans. The story behind a song can give fans insight into the artist's inspiration and the meaning behind the lyrics. Sharing lyrics can allow fans to sing along and connect with the message of the song on a deeper level. I'm sure that you have listened to the radio. I do, and I especially love those programs where the presenter is also sharing interesting facts about a song. H