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Discover the Power of RouteNote: The Ultimate Music Distribution Platform for Independent Artists

RouteNote is a game-changing platform for artists looking to get their music out into the world. With its cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use interface, RouteNote makes it simple for artists to distribute their music to a variety of popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. But RouteNote is more than just a distribution platform - it's a one-stop shop for all of an artist's music-related needs. Whether you're just starting out in the music industry or you're an established artist looking to take your career to the next level, RouteNote has the tools and resources to help you succeed. One of the standout features of RouteNote is its comprehensive royalty tracking system. Artists can easily see how their music is performing across various platforms and track their earnings in real time. This is a crucial aspect of the music industry, and RouteNote makes it easy for artists to stay on top of their finances and make informed decisions ab

MIDiA Report Reveals 2022 Music Streaming Subscriber Numbers: A Comparison of All Services

Spotify Continues to Lead the Global Streaming Market, with Tencent Music Rising to Third Place Thanks to Strong Growth from Chinese DSPs MIDiA just published their annual music subscriber market share report, analyzing 23 music streaming services across 33 markets, as of the end of Q2 2022. You can purchase the full report here or view the highlights in Mark Mulligan’s blog post. Image Credit: MIDiA In 2021 and the first half of 2022, nearly all leading DSPs saw strong subscriber growth, particularly Chinese stores Tencent Music Entertainment and NetEase Cloud Music. While subscriber growth in 2021 was higher than in 2020, MIDiA reports slower growth from H1 2021 to H1 2022 as streaming matures in Western markets. There were an estimated 616.2 million subscribers across all services by 2022's midpoint. This represents an increase of 7.1% from the end of 2021, with an additional 42.1 million net subscribers. This figure is slightly lower than the 53.8 million net subscribers added

How To Monetize Your Lyrics For Additional Revenue

Lyrics are frequently overlooked as a revenue source (royalties). Here's a rough sketch of how you can benefit from song lyrics as a potential source of revenue. (or skip all of the backgrounds and go straight to our solution at the bottom of this page) What Kinds Of Royalties Are Earned With Song Lyrics? The short answer is mechanical royalties . Mechanical Royalties are generated through physical or digital reproduction (e.g. streams) and distribution of your copyrighted songs. This applies to all music formats old and new such as vinyl, CD, cassette, digital downloads, and streaming services. Record labels, streaming services, etc. pay a mechanical royalty every time they reproduce and sell a CD of the music, AND for each time lyrics are displayed. The long answer depends on how you’re sharing your royalties with the sources that license them. Generally speaking, your distributor or record label – i.e., the entity monetizing your recording – is responsible for passing your well

How to Get Your Music on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube and more...

So you've written, produced, and mixed a masterpiece, and it's time to share it with the rest of the world. If you are an independent artist, the next step is to figure out how to distribute your music. This article provides a summary of the options we believe are the most popular for getting your music distributed to Spotify and other major streaming platforms. What Options Do You Have? There are plenty of music distributors who can help you get your music on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Some take a percentage of your royalties in exchange for allowing you to list your music for free, while others charge a fee upfront in exchange for allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties. Some distributors offer additional services such as mixing and mastering, as well as tracking and marketing tools for your music. It all depends on your needs as an artist and your budget. Every music distribution platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. The overviews will help you t