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Behringer gear, a love story gone sour...

I have been a big fan of Behringer equipment for many years. Some of the advantages that really got me hooked on using Behringer gear for live performances include the following: Behringer equipment is generally inexpensive and provides good value for money. This is critical for small touring bands with limited budgets for gear and a desire to maximize their investment.   Behringer manufactures a wide range of audio equipment, including mixers, amplifiers, and speakers. This means that small bands can easily find the equipment they need to create a fully functional live sound setup. Behringer equipment is lightweight and compact, making it simple to transport and set up at various locations. This is especially important for small touring bands who need to move their equipment quickly and efficiently.  Many Behringer products feature simple, user-friendly controls that make adjusting levels and settings during a live performance a breeze. This is especially important for small bands tha