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Lyrics Submission Tools

We are constantly encouraging artists to publish lyrics to the main lyric databases. So, we felt it would help if we also share a few of the tools that we have.  Here are the links to the tools that we have created and are actively using while processing lyrics for use in various lyric databases. The workflow  You can use these tools in any order you please, BUT we personally get the most out of these tools when we work in the following order... Musixmatch   Genius LyricFind Format checker for Musixmatch URL: How to use:  Transcribe or use the lyric transcript provided by the artist.  Note: This tool only triggers when you drag & drop content into the white area of this tool.  If the lyric transcript is in another browser window, you can drag and drop text from that browser window into this tool.  If the lyric transcript is not yet in another browser window, then copy & paste the lyric into the Genius tool. Select